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Dec 29

After reading Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and Daniel H Pink’s Drive, I was reminded about my own reason for producing telesummits and multi-speaker virtual events for my clients.

In the video clip below, I share why it’s important to understand how your values influence your telesummit and virtual event success. I have 7 values in total – abundance, connections, vitality, faith, excellence, freedom, joy – and in the vide, I explain how my first value, abundance, helps me produce successful telesummits.

What are your values? Please list 3, 5 or 7 below. The ideal number is 5, but if you’re having a hard time narrowing it down, don’t exceed 7. Click here to see a list of values to help you define your top 3, 5 or 7 (opens in a new window).

Nov 07

I was asked a rather intriguing question on Twitter by themediamaven. It was so intriguing, her question prompted my video response in Part 1 which you can view by clicking here.

In Part 2, I explain how I was able to direct my message to an audience that was open to listening. Like themediamaven, I initially targeted CEOs of big companies, but I soon realized that this audience didn’t want to listen to me. Then, I started networking with other “geeks” in my industry, but soon realized that this audience didn’t want to listen to me either. Or, they did listen to me, but didn’t refer business my way (that’s a long story that I’ll share with you one day – some incredible lessons).

Oct 29

I was asked a rather intriguing question on Twitter by themediamaven. It was so intriguing, her question prompted my video response below.

First, here are her questions:


Hmmm….how do I answer themediamaven?


Sep 27

There are 7 words that I’m getting really tired of hearing, which is:

“Why are you doing Telesummit Refresh live?”

In other words, why am I crazy/stupid/dumb enough to plan an in person event in a hotel conference room when so many are having a hard time filling their events due to the economy/terrorism/elections/other-events/blah/bleh/you-name-it.

I heard this from my dear ol’ mom (God bless her), one of my Virtual Event Managers, one of my power affiliates, even from one of my mentors. I know each mean well. I do. They don’t want to see me NOT succeed.

I get that.

But they also don’t understand why deep down, I have to do this.

Failing is not what I fear.

It’s living with regret that scares me the most.

I can think of all the things that have happened recently that I “wished” I did, for example:

  • When I went to England for a conference in 2006, there was this cute guy who was on my flight. I noticed him when we were in Toronto while we were waiting to board. He would steal glances in my direction and as soon as I looked, he’d look somewhere else. To think, if I had just given him a smile, that would’ve been the invitation he needed to talk to me. I regret not opening the door.
  • Earlier this year, I attended a wealth building seminar with my mom. The presenter asked for a volunteer. None of the attendees had any idea what we were volunteering for, but I was ready to run to the front. My mom touched me and said no. Another lady beat me and she was given $100 for being so daring. I regret not following my feet.
  • Not taking the swim test at the indoor swimming pool so I could jump off the diving board into the deep end. I stood at the side, scared of the deep water below and told the life guard that I’d try later. I never did. I regret not jumping off.

I don’t live with alot of regrets, but the ones I do have, they just eat me up inside. I’m constantly reminded of what I didn’t do and forever wondering what would’ve happened had I done it.

It’s better to have tried and failed, then not to have tried at all.

Believe me – I’m not hosting an in-person event to fail. That would be an expensive failure. I’m going into this to succeed. To go beyond my expectations. To prove something to myself.

To live regret-free.

I know – hosting an event shouldn’t be about me. I should be answering the question:

“What’s in it for you?”

Right? Of course.

However, it’s important that I share why I’m doing this. That if you see my cards on the table, you’ll feel better about putting yours out there. That if you decide to invest in yourself by attending Telesummit Refresh, you’ll know that I’ll take your investment seriously.

That because I’m putting everything on the line – and sharing it publicly – that that should release your own apprehensions about coming to Atlanta in November.

So, this post is all about the many reasons why I’m hosting Telesummit Refresh. Yes, it is about me. But in my post tomorrow, I’ll share with you why you must attend Telesummit Refresh in November. At the end of the day, it is about you.

Dec 05

Home Office Fitness Expert Scott TousignantHi there. This is Scott Tousignant here to wrap up my blog tour. I hope that you have taken action and put the exercises and home office workouts into practice. This week I have shared the many ways that home office fitness will improve your virtual events, neck and shoulder exercises that you can do at your desk, how your virtual event audience will absorb your information better, and the benefits of breaking fitness into small manageable chunks.

My goal has been to help you adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle that will put you on the road to transforming your business, fitness, and life. Focusing on your fitness will improve your business. Your health is really the #1 asset in your business. Fitness will increase your productivity, and energy, while improving your focus, clarity, time management and quality of work. Plus, when you have your health you will enjoy your business successes even more and get the most enjoyment out of life.

Take a moment to think about why you started conducting virtual events. Was it for the freedom that it would create in your life? Was it a tool to help you fulfill a life’s purpose of helping others live the life that they deserve?

If you have financial freedom but you sacrificed your health to achieve it, are you really free? Do you finally have the freedom to spend time with your family, but you don’t have the energy to spend really fun quality time with them? If you don’t have your health you don’t have freedom. If you have allowed yourself to gain weight and let your health slide in your efforts to get your online business rolling you are robbing yourself of the quality of life that you truly deserve. Is that a harsh statement? Maybe. But I have witnessed it happen to many of my Internet Marketing friends and it’s actually happened to me…

During the first year of transferring my offline fitness business into an online fitness business I gained over 30 pounds. If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. I was a completely different person when I was carrying around that extra 30 pounds of unwanted body fat. I had no energy to play with my kids, I was embarrassed of my body and refused to take my shirt off, my confidence plummeted, my relationship with my wife changed because of my lack in self-confidence, I was unfocused with my work, and incredibly unproductive.

I feel incredibly lucky to have a supportive wife who wasn’t afraid to step up and ask me if I was happy with the life that I had created for myself? She was concerned with what would happen if I continued on this downward spiral with my health. If it went on any longer, I’m sure that I would have lost some credibility with my fitness blog readers. It’s amazing how you can hide 30 pounds, but any more would have been a challenge for me.

As you can see, although my fitness business was becoming successful, my life was not a success. I was not free

Now lets touch on your life’s purpose. Conducting virtual events is a great way to touch the lives of many people. If you have vibrant health and energy how would that help you fulfill your life’s purpose? Will your positive and enthusiastic outlook attract the right people who can help you along your journey? Will you be able to accomplish more in less time, achieving your goals faster than you ever imagined? How will vibrant health help the image that you are portraying to those whom you wish to help?

Whether your life’s purpose is to build schools in Africa, help get the homeless off the streets in your home town, end world hunger, help people live the life that they deserve in the body that they deserve, or save the environment… your health will play a key role in helping you fulfill it.

Health is everything. It’s not something to take for granted and then wish that you had done something to improve upon it earlier in life. It impacts everything that you do. Your fitness has more to do with your business than you can imagine. It’s time to make it the #1 priority in your life and stop putting it off. You don’t need to wait until New Years Eve to make a resolution of getting back to the gym. You can begin right now, right there in your home office. Put the exercises that I have shared with you into practice right now. There really is no better time than this very moment.

If you need a little more motivation to get started and finally put an end to your excuses I have a great free report to share with you. It’s the Fat Loss Quickie Motivation Report.

If you are ready to take your health to the next level, transforming your fitness, business, and life then check out the Fat Loss Quickie home office fitness program today. See for yourself how others just like you are getting more done in less time and creating the live that they deserve.

Thank you for letting me into your home office and introducing you to the many benefits of home office fitness. It’s been a blast.


Scott Tousignant

Dec 04

Home office fitness experts Scott and Angie TousignantHi there. This is home office fitness expert Scott Tousignant with another guest post to help you increase your productivity and become Marketing Fit! So far this week I have been sharing fitness tips to help make your virtual event the absolute best that it can be by increasing the energy and focus of both you and your audience as well as aiding them in absorbing the information that you teach.

Today you will discover a simple trick to help you get more done in less time throughout your busy workday so you are not so overwhelmed by the time your virtual event rolls around. Conducting your virtual event only covers a portion of the work and effort that goes into it. You also need to contact your guests, do your research on their area of expertise, maybe even listen to a previous event that they had been a guest on, schedule the event, send them the details, prepare the questions, prepare any necessary handouts, and so much more.

You need to be on top of your game even when you are not conducting your virtual event. You need energy and focus throughout your entire workday. The simple trick that I use to keep me operating at my best is to break fitness into small manageable chunks throughout the day.

When you sit at your desk for extended periods of time you can become fidgety and easily distracted. Taking a 2 minute quickie fitness break each hour will help you gain mental clarity and keep you on target with the important tasks that you must complete for the day. Allow me to share four simple exercises that you can easily add into your daily work routine.

Home Office Fitness Break

You may download this video by right clicking and saving Office Workout

The exercises demonstrated in this video all target your ‘core‘ which includes your abs, obliques, and lower back. As a homepreneur it’s important that you take care of your ‘core’ muscles because sitting at your desk all day sure takes a toll on them.

Performing quick home office workouts throughout your day is a great way to build a healthy habit. A typical workout program may recommend that you exercise for 45 minutes three times per week. That means that there are four days out of the week where fitness and your health is not on the top of your mind, which makes it much easier to fall off the wagon.

Incorporating fitness into your daily work routine is one of the absolute best strategies for keeping health at the top of your mind. It becomes a way of life for you. It’s the ultimate balanced approach to fitness for the busy homepreneur.

Give it a try. Enjoy a quickie fitness break each hour of your workday today and let me know how it affects you.


Scott Tousignant

PS Another benefit of breaking your workouts into small manageable chunks is that it keeps your metabolism revved up all day long. You’ve got to love that!

Dec 03

Home Office Fitness Expert Scott TousignantHello. My name is Scott Tousignant, your guest blogger for the week. Up to this point I have been sharing home office fitness tips that will make a positive impact on your performance during the virtual events that you conduct. Today I would like to share some tips to help your virtual event attendees get the absolute most out of your event.

As a reader of Leesa’s blog I’m sure that you are passionate about the content that you deliver during your virtual events. I’m also certain that you would love to see your attendees absorb all the information that you deliver, immediately put it into practice, and experience great success. You sincerely care about your fans, you want the best for them, and you know that your information will greatly benefit them. But they need to take in the info and apply it in order for them to experience these benefits.

One of the best ways to aid your audience in absorbing the information that you share during your virtual events is to recommend that they perform a fast fun home office fitness session prior to the event.

When your attendees exercise prior to your virtual event they will be more attentive and become better equipped to handle any problem solving tasks that may be necessary during your event. The increase in oxygen flow allows their brain to function optimally so they can easily absorb the content that you are teaching. Their spirits and energy will be high, which makes them more likely to apply the information immediately.

Here’s a quickie cardio session that you can recommend to your virtual event attendees prior to your class. They can perform it right in their home office.

Pre Virtual Event Quickie Cardio

You may download the video above by right clicking and save Quickie Cardio

The benefits of performing this quickie cardio session will carry over for several hours, helping your attendees become super-focused and highly productive.

As I mentioned earlier, I understand that you sincerely care about your fans. When you recommend that they perform a 10-minute home office workout prior to your virtual event they will see just how much you care about them and want them to make full use of your teachings so they can experience great success.

I know that you care about more than just seeing your fans earn more money online. You want them to experience a great quality of life. By recommending that your audience incorporate home office fitness into their workday it’s one more way to show them how much you care about them.

You can also recommend that your virtual event attendees listen to the mp3 recording while they go out for a brisk walk. Once again, the increase in oxygen flow to their brain while they are walking will help them absorb your content better. Plus, because your content is so great they’ll want to continue walking until the recording is done. If your recording is 60 minutes long, chances are pretty good that they’ll be walking 30 minutes longer than they typically would.

Listening to your virtual events can provide great motivation in helping your fans live a healthy and active lifestyle.


Scott Tousignant

Dec 02

Scott and Angie TousignantHello again. This is Scott Tousignant back with more home office fitness tips to help make your virtual events even more successful. If you missed yesterday’s post you can catch up here: Part 1

When conducting a virtual event there’s a pretty good chance that you will experience some tension in your neck and shoulders, especially if you aren’t using a headset. Today I would like to share some shoulder and neck exercises that will help you strengthen and loosen up those muscles.

One of the wonderful benefits from performing the following exercises on a regular basis is in the improvement with your posture. When you sit at a desk for the majority of your workday and you continue to sit while conducting or participating in a virtual event it can certainly take it’s toll on your posture. Your shoulders can become rounded forward, you may experience stiffness between your shoulder blades, and your neck can hunch forward a bit too.

The following home office workout will help resolve these issues as well as make your virtual event a more pleasant experience.

Pre Virtual Event Neck and Shoulder Exercises

You may download this video by right clicking and saving Neck and Shoulder Exercises

In this video I used some light dumbbells as well as a stability ball to perform some of the exercises. If you don’t have dumbbells you can substitute them with soup cans for now. I do recommend that you invest in a stability ball for your home office. They are very inexpensive and can really help boost your productivity during your workday, helping you get more done in less time.

How did you feel after performing the above shoulder and neck exercises and stretches? Did they relieve some tension? I’d love to hear from you. Your feedback means the world to me.


Scott Tousignant