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Sep 21

Once you price your telesummit, you are bound to get an email from someone who raises an objection. When a prospect says “No” to your prices, don’t take it personally.

Objections pop up out of fear.

They also happen when the prospect is confused about what you’re offering. And when the prospect takes the time to write you with their objection, it means that the they really want to sign-up for your telesummit, but need you to confirm that they’re making the right decision.

I’ve uncovered 5 telesummit pricing objections and here’s the top one below:

Objection #1 – “I’m Going to Be Overwhelmed with So Much Content”

Why this pops up: Some prospects will see the number of sessions and get overwhelmed. In this case, you simply need to give them a plan on how to consume the content so they register for your telesummit.

Your suggested response:

“Thank you for your feedback. Here’s how I suggest you consume the content – choose the 3, 4 or 5 sessions that you want to hear live so you can ask the speaker questions directly. Then, for the rest of the sessions, catch up by listening to the recordings on your own time. That will help you stay in control of both your time and your schedule. I invite you to go to and sign up before the deadline of .”

There are 4 additional objections that always pop up and you’ll get this swipe file if you invest in Telesummit Pricing Secrets. Click here to indulge in this program.

Are there other telesummit or virtual event pricing objections that you’ve had to deal with and if so, what was your response? Please share it below.

Sep 19

One the biggest questions I get is this…

“Leesa, how do I price my telesummit?”

Not an easy question to answer as there are many factors to consider. However, due to what has worked for my 5 and 6-figure telesummit clients, there is a formula that you can use so you never have to host a free telesummit – EVER!

There are TONS of reasons why you must assign a price to your telesummit, not after the attendee has freely consumed all 8, 12 or 24 sessions, but before they even get access to the call-in details.

But too many make these common telesummit pricing mistakes that do more to scare attendees away than attract them to their offer.

1 – Offering one pricing option

The marketplace is stuffed with free telesummits. Too many I might add. And the most popular option is to give away all the expert interviews at no cost, then upgrade to the recordings for $67 or $97.

In my conversations with telesummit organizers, only 1% to 2% of those who signed up for their free telesummits actually upgrade. While pulling in a few hundred dollars may seem like a good ROI, you can make more by presenting options.

When you give options, you’re able to meet every budget and learning style. Providing options – in terms of pricing & features – gives people choices that they can’t say “No” to.

2 – Offering only recordings & transcripts as features

While content is great, attendees want more and will pay higher for additional features. Adding other features, such as connections & collaboration, will get attendees excited about how their telesummit experience will be enriched interacting with you, your speakers and other attendees.

3 – Using “poison” numbers in your pricing

I know one telesummit host who used a “poison” number in her pricing and could only muster $1,200 in registrations for her premium telesummit. So, just coming up with prices is not enough. You need to know which numbers to use so you attract a slew of registrations.

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