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Thanks for agreeing to take part in the promo campaign for the 2010 Virtual Event Boom, a 5-day virtual event taking place May 10-14, 2010. Below are some resources you can use to share with your network.

Please note that the promo messages below promote the weekly preview calls. That means the messages will change each week and you’ll find new ones every Thursday. Once you send referrals to the preview call sublist, Leesa will use her selling skills to upgrade your referral to a seat at Virtual Event Boom.



Subject = Virtual Event Success Stories, Are You Next?


When a burnt out therapist hosts a virtual event, what do you think happens?

She makes $94,000.

Meet Casey Truffo. She attended my very first multi-speaker virtual event in 2008 and decided it was fine time for her to do the same.

Not only did she earn **almost** 6-figures, but she decided to host yet another one that same year…and has done so ever since.

Want to know how she did it? My friend, Leesa Barnes, will interview Casey and ask her just that. While money wasn’t the only motivation for Casey, it sure was a nice perk.

Aside from Casey, you’ll meet another individual in Leesa’s preview call who hosted a multi-speaker virtual event so he could connect with movers & shakers in his industry.

You’ll also meet one more individual in Leesa’s preview who hosted a multi-speaker virtual event so she could share her message with a global audience.

Join Leesa Barnes, Casey Truffo and others as they share…

Virtual Event SUCCESS STORIES: How Consultants – Just Like YOU – Used Virtual Events to Skyrocket Their List, Their Expert Status & Their Income

Now, why is my buddy, Leesa, hosting this no-fee call? It’s a SNEAK PEEK of all the great content she and her faculty of speakers will be sharing at the 2010 VIRTUAL EVENT BOOM, a 5-day virtual event taking place May 10-14, 2010.

Want to get the call-in details? Head on over to, enter your first name & email address in the opt-in box and you’ll get the call-in info sent to your inbox.

If you have to miss the call due to a meeting or another appointment, sign up anyways because only those on this list will get access to the recording.

And remember…

Virtual Event Boom starts shortly after this preview call ends. Listen to the Leesa, Casey Truffo and others share their successes with virtual event, then decide after the call whether to attend Virtual Event Boom.


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free call on how to be successful hosting ur own multi-speaker virtual event. AFFILIATE LINK #veb10

virtual event success stories revealed by @leesabarnes on 4/28. join her? AFFILIATE LINK #veb10

profitable virtual events are possible. find out how on 4/28 on free call. AFFILIATE LINK #veb10


Can’t wait to hear Leesa Barnes interview 3 business owners on how they used virtual events to boost their income, their list and their expert status on May 5th at 1pm EDT. Go to AFFILIATE LINK and sign up to get the call-in details.

Curious to know how to produce a profitable virtual event. My friend, Leesa Barnes knows how and will interviews others at 1pm EDT on May 5, 2010 who have done it. Grab your spot on this FREE call at AFFILIATE LINK.


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